Now that the weather is getting warmer, you should not be surprised once you notice how many people are wearing the newest trend of the American flag shorts. Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Kesha are among just some of the “A” list celebrities that have already been seen wearing this classic trend of american flag shirts shorts.

The shorts are a classic look that will never go out of fashion due to their highly patriotic meaning. Some believe that people wearing this America flag fashion on their shorts are disrespecting the American flag. In addition to the trend of the nation’s flag on your shorts, here are many other fashion items for sale featuring the American Flag:

• Flag shirts
• Flag bikini’s
• Flag windbreakers
• Flag leather jackets
• Flag undergarments and
• Flag baby outfits

Years past these shorts were put away and never was seen wore unless celebrating Independence Day. This no longer holds true as wearing the flag articles of clothing has become fun and trendy. There will always be people that see wearing flag clothing as disrespecting the flag no matter how popular the items of clothing become.

No matter how high the level of versatility and popularity these shorts reach there is always going to be a debate as to whether it is disrespectful to have the American flag worn as a pair of shorts. Many people who own flag shorts may become scared to wear them. They may not know when it is acceptable to have them on their bodies.

There are fashion experts who claim that the proper time to wearing the flag shorts would be on:

• Independence Day
• Nightclubs and Nightlife
• Casual weekends in the summer and
• Veterans Day

Obviously, if there are days that fashion experts say it is appropriate to wear the shorts on certain occasions there are going to be days where it has been recommended by the experts as to when you should not wear your flag shorts. These days are:

• Winter or Fall (they are not in style as white is not either)
• Family reunions, especially if there is an organized dress request for the reunion
• Outdoor wedding receptions
• Funerals
• Work (casual days) and
• When you will be in a classical situation

When wearing your American flag shorts you should make sure that whatever shirt and other accessories match the American flag shorts. While wearing them one should make sure that they are not short-shorts (aka bootie shorts, daisy dukes, etc) as these could be seen as unacceptable as the fashion many believe that wearing American flag shorts should be done with pride and respect.