With the cost of living on the rise, the average American has found himself/herself with less expendable income and the challenge of decreasing excessive spending. Unfortunate for the retail industry, cutting costs in the closet are on the rise and $120 Brooks Brothers’ and Jos. A. Bank dress american flag shirts are being replaced with “shirt and tie in a box” combinations from less expensive retail chains.

Should businessmen be forced to sacrifice on comfort and quality to essentially put gas in their car and food on the table? Before Corporate America implements week long “casual Fridays” a number of companies are stepping in to preserve corporate professionalism.

Custom dress shirt providers have established price points comparable to, but more cost efficient than, the competitions’ “off the rack” pricing. After the creation of a measurement profile, customers have the ability to choose between a number of fabrics, collars, cuffs, pockets, pleats and monogramming.

The benefit: the ultimate in fit and quality with a lesser need for replacement. With online portals, a variety of methods for obtaining measurements, and on-site traveling sales teams from both local as well as overseas companies, consumers can save time and money on fewer trips to retail locations.

The decision essentially lies in the hands of the consumer; purchase $35 shapeless dress shirts requiring bi-monthly replacement or take advantage of the growing trend affordable customization purchasing a smaller, longer lasting wardrobe individually crafted for a perfect fit.

No matter what the choice, as an industry, retailers need to accommodate the average businessman in an effort to maintain professionalism throughout Corporate America.