How to prevent a buyer from allowing the house to become a cannabis farm

The number of cannabis farms detected by the police is increasing.

According to a recent report by the police chief, 6,886 farms were found in the UK last year, or almost 20 every day. More than 1.3 million plants were seized during this period, a total of drugs worth £150 million.

Many of these farms are run in fairly affordable housing. Typically, a landlord or lender is tricked into renting their property to a couple before they start renting and hand over the keys to an organized crime group. Once the parties move in and begin the conversion process, the damage to your property can be severe. Many homeowners will take the right steps and save their purchases to leave property insurance, but they will not even consider the risk of their property being used as a cannabis farm, or one of the biggest risks. worse wait. face Besides your home being used for crime, there are many physical dangers that you will want to avoid. What can happen?

Cannabis growers are known to be ruthless in the changes they make to extract the maximum growth potential from the resources they pay for. Damage can range from moderate to severe, but it is common for there to be a combination of electrical, structural and water damage when the property is used as a cannabis farm.

Interior walls are knocked down, doors and partitions are removed to create additional growing space for plants. Crops are fed with efficient and inefficient irrigation systems, often resulting in severe water damage. Damage to electrical systems is a common occurrence as farmers attempt to bypass meters or transfer capacity from high-voltage power supplies. In a recent situation, the door on the side of the house is directly attached to the port, a do-it-yourself security device that can kill anyone who tries to access the house.


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What would you like? Fortunately, there are a few warning signs to look out for.

Blackened or foil-covered windows should sound the alarm. If your landlord doesn’t like someone looking at the house, you should be worried.
The unusual use of electricity is a good indicator of its use. If the meter starts suddenly, you may have reason to be suspicious.
Keep your nose open for smells. No matter how hard you try, the sweet smell of a hundred growing cannabis plants is hard to hide.
Rare change is another gift. Has the landlord accidentally installed a load of locks, alarms and locks? What are they protecting? They are trying to keep you at bay. If the owners of the house are doing everything possible to avoid the landlord’s visit, it can be a suspicious time. How can I prevent it?

Nottinghamshire Police have produced excellent guidance entitled ‘Keeping drugs out of rented accommodation’. Which explains what owners can do to avoid being a cannabis grower. For starters, it outlines the alarm bells that should make a landlord wary of a landlord:

The landlord’s willingness to pay the monthly rent in advance and in cash
The willingness of the landlord to pay the mortgage without any visible means of financial support.
Repeated requests from the landlord not to visit the property. They also outline some steps a landlord should take to prevent criminals, including cannabis growers, from renting a landlord’s rental property in the first place:

Use photo ID from potential applicants, such as a photo of their passport or driver’s license.
Make sure the identification is correct. Check telephone, water, gas and electricity accounts under different names
Require more than one form of identification for applicants.
Check the current address of the potential tenant
Get the renter’s phone number and the car’s registration number. Reference carefully and check the credit of the homeowner.



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